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Spencer MacIntyre

SIFA Group
Booking shows, touring, merch, writing, blogging, record distribution and helping run the businesses behind the work, Spencer A. MacIntyre has acquired a wealth of experience in the music and entertainment industry over the past 13 years. Naturally a quick learner with a thirst for knowledge, Spencer picked up a job at a music business accounting firm and after two and a half years, left the firm to do some “soul-searching”, and focus on sundry passion projects. Approached by several former clients in late 2015, Spencer was pulled back in to the industry to open the doors of his own accounting services firm, SIFA Group. Focused on providing a “no stress” process and making use of the latest software and technologies, along with some clever marketing and branding; SIFA Group has grown rapidly since it’s birth in early 2016 and now boasts a plethora of clients ranging from budding artists and entrepreneurs to record labels, film companies and Grammy-award winning producers. In addition to adding his sui generis approach to tax prep, Spencer also runs the digital distribution label and entertainment company, SIFA Entertainment and manages artpop artist, Ensh. For more information visit

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