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Christian Hurst

Producer, Music Supervisor/Co-Founder,
Granitewish Entertainment/Rights.Kit
Toronto, ON, Canada
I’ve been a lover and creator of songs and stories and music and noise since long before my first memory. Driven by connection, collaboration and affection for chaos, I have somehow managed to work in the music and entertainment business in one capacity or another for more than 20 years.

From 1993-1995 I studied performance, composition and arranging at Humber College, focusing on guitar, saxophone and voice, and was awarded the Sennheiser Award for Academic Excellence in audio engineering, production and music business at Trebas Institute in 1998.

Evolving quickly from musician and engineer to producer and entrepreneur as my creative, business and technical brains became more integrated, I have contributed to many music related initiatives in a broad range of roles, including producer, engineer, mixer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, session player, performer, arranger, manager, publisher, music supervisor, stage manager and artist liaison, as well as business, marketing and project consultant.

I also began working on film projects as a music supervisor in 2012, beginning with independent docs and shorts. From Nov 2014 through June 2016, I was the Director of Music Supervision and Licensing at The Eggplant Stereo, part of the Eggplant Collective, one of Canada’s premiere audio post facilities. In addition to this role, I also focused on A&R, technology and other business development initiatives, and became involved in a number of film and tv development projects as a producer.

Over the last three years I've increasingly become involved in creating, developing and producing film, tv, interactive and multi platform projects, independently and in partnership with other organizations in Canada, US and UK. The range includes music (Vinyl Metropolis), food (RISE), martial arts (Ghostfoot Thunderfist), health and medicine (Magic Pills), children’s (Dragon & Whale), artisans (Make Love), adventure (Golden Globe Race 2018), lifestyle (Homestead), supernatural (Shadows) and more.

I'm also Co-Founder of a music rights management startup called Rights.Kit, which is now gearing up for beta, Advisor to The House Of Songs, an international songwriter exchange program based in Austin, TX, and Producer and Music Consultant for CanadaSound, a Canada 150 related project in partnership with the CBC, The Juno Awards and SOCAN, which explores Canada’s Soundscape and then shares those sounds with some of Canada’s most exciting artists to create music with.

My focus today and moving forward is on finding and creating opportunities to share powerful and important stories, in whatever shape or format makes sense, while working with incredible people and in the most exciting ways possible.