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Pierre Luc Rompre

Director of Sales & Rentals,
Stageline Mobile Stage, Inc.
L’Assomption, QC, Canada
In his ten years with Stageline, Pierre-Luc Rompré has seen it all—and made sure it was all safe for others to see as well. Educated in a combination of engineering and business, he has a truly complete understanding of the whole industry of event staging, from the technical to the administrative. Accordingly, he’s the guy clients ask about how to turn a piece of their imagination into an event that audiences will remember. Does the client want a mobile stage they can set up in the middle of a stadium in under twenty minutes? How about a stage they can ferry out by barge to a festival on an island—would that work? Can the client hoist a stage into an amphitheatre with a crane? Pierre-Luc’s the guy with the answers (which are almost always “Yes!”), and the details about how to make the client’s plan happen smoothly and safely. His far-reaching vision encompasses the entire landscape of Stageline’s possibilities, from minuscule local productions to the biggest stage set-ups in the world. He’s worked with every major producer in North America and many others around the globe to create stunning spectacles that wow crowds without ever compromising on the safety of technicians, performers, or audiences.

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