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Joel Baskin

Agent & Talent Manager,
The Feldman Agency
Toronto, ON, Canada
Since joining The Feldman Agency in 2011, booking agent Joel Baskin has developed a diverse, wide-ranging roster of acts. Throughout that time Baskin constantly adapted his services to meet their ongoing needs, an approach predicated by his desire to create custom built solutions for his artists and one Baskin has applied consistently over his ten plus years in the industry; first as founder and president of The Pilot Agency, and now at The Feldman Agency.
Founded in Ottawa in 2006, TPA swiftly became one of Canada’s fastest-growing boutique talent and event design agencies, offering services including booking, publicity, tour/personal management and event design for clients ranging from Molson, Pepsi, and Harry Rosen, to a variety of international and domestic artists. After relocating to Toronto in 2009, Baskin continued to take on new projects with TPA before selling the company to The Feldman Agency in 2011.

With Feldman, Baskin works with a diverse group of emerging and established artists. Among them; Kira Isabella, K.I.D., Tim Hicks, The Beaches, Three Days Grace, USS, and has been instrumental in helping them expand their reach both domestically and abroad.
A key driver in Baskin’s success is the emphasis he places on treating every challenge presented by the changing climate of the music industry as an untapped resource for fresh growth, and actively searching out opportunities for his artists, or in their absence, creating those opportunities himself.
Among the initiatives he’s taken in recent years: helping USS expand their draw and the type of venues available to them and aiding TDG in reasserting their influence in Canada after several years of touring elsewhere. Additionally, his work with newer bands like The Beaches’ and CCMA Award winning artists Kira Isabella and Tim Hicks has ultimately resulted in substantial growth in their respective audiences. “The philosophy I have with my artists is to get them to the point where they’re a hard ticket act, and I maintain a small roster so I can take the time to find personalized solutions for them. With Tim Hicks, for example, I book him like a rock band; we started in bars that rarely or never book Country music. And now, many of those clubs have started to book Kira and other Country artists as well.”

Over time, Baskin has built strong relationships with international management companies, promoters and labels in order to increase his artist’s profile and business overall.

As ever, Baskin is committed to upgrading his skills and knowledge of the industry and has recently obtained a Digital Marketing Management Certificate from the University of Toronto. “We often talk about the impact of social media and social apps, but I wanted to study that impact more closely, to better use those tools for my roster. And the knowledge I’ve gained doing so has allowed me the opportunity to adopt more current, cutting edge online strategies for artists.”

Recently Joel has been proud to unveil USS’s Toronto Tour Launch “6 in the Six”, six hometown shows in a variety of different venues in the band’s hometown of Toronto. Joel has also welcomed James Barker Band and Michelle Treacy to the roster, which are both having break-out years.

Joel Baskin sits on the board of directors for the Canadian Country Music Association and is the Chair of the TV Programming Committee as well as vice-chair of the Board. Joel is an accredited and participating member of CARAS, COCA, CCMA, IEBA, FEO and CMA.